Review: "Far Cry 4: The Valley of the Yetis"

Think you're sick of winter now? Wait'll you're going toe-to-toe with a snow-covered Sasquatch.

The hugely successful first-person shooter franchise Far Cry returns this week with its final downloadable pack, and this time, you’re on the hunt for the abominable snowman. Yes, the latest expansion gives you a snowmobile and drops you into the "Valley of the Yetis."

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Far Cry has recently become a cult darling because of expansions like this. Built on a solid foundation of the gameplay and mechanics, Far Cry’s DLCs have all boasted some unique creativity to set them apart from other first-player shooter DLCs that are little more than an extra handful of maps. Valley of the Yetis isn’t just a new place to explore, it’s a different approach to the game, one that’s much more focused on the stalking and hunting of prey that feels ripped from a nightmarish version of National Geographic...and we fully support that.

The titular valley in the Valley of the Yetis is a new area to backdrop your hunt. Scattered with weapons, enemy tribesmen, wolves and, of course, yetis, the snowy mountain offers up plenty of space for snowmobiling and lots of cover…so you can take your yeti-stalking seriously. When you do finally find one (and they’re plentiful if you’re patient) the yetis provide a staggering challenge in a one-on-one fight. Headshots will only stun them, so you’ll have to finish the job up close and personal if you want to put a yeti down for good. It’s not a job for the feint of heart, and poor execution will very quickly turn you into a yeti chew toy. Still, having the opportunity to squeeze any extra gameplay out of such an excellent game like Far Cry 4 is always welcome, and if we get to put a yeti’s heart in our trophy case as a result, that’s all the better.

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