Game Review: "Battlefield Hardline"

Now that it gives you the ability to play as either the good guys or the bad guys, the latest in the "Battlefield" series is the ultimate game of cops and robbers.

When Battlefield Hardline comes out this week, you’ll be in the position to take the field as a criminal for the first time in the first-person shooter series. Sure, you may have just been able to act like an asshole in the franchise’s multiplayer online in the past, but now you’ll be entering the game with the explicit goal of being evil…and that exciting opportunity is our main reason for getting hyped for the game.

Battlefield has always been a military game—hence the name—so taking this detour into a land of cops and robbers is a risk, albeit calculated, that’s meant to explore a new angle on the core fundamentals of Battlefield’s gameplay. Aside from the entirely different dynamic of goodies and baddies in both the multiplayer and the hard-boiled single-player campaign, Hardline dives into new game modes, like Hotwire and Heist, that complement the already-polarized factions of its online play. Add in a heavy dose of vehicles that are as speedy as they are deadly, and there’s a lot of new gaming to explore without feeling like you’re fully venturing into the unknown. At its core, Hardline is most definitely still a Battlefield game, and you’ll know it from the controls to the speed of the action to the size of the 64-man matches.

Visceral Games has run several betas in the lead up to the launch and, though history hasn’t been kind to big launches of games with an emphasis on online (looking at you, GTA Heists), we’ve never been more confident that a game launch will go off without a hitch (in their servers) when Battlefield Hardline goes live this week.

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