Wake Up to a 007-Inspired Silent Alarm Clock

The new Secret Agent Alarm Clock will wake you up in .007 seconds...without a sound.

Are you excited about the new James Bond film, and also never on time for anything? Well, the all-new "Secret Agent Alarm Clock" is up for the mission of waking you up!

Now, this isn’t your typical alarm clock—it's equipped with three distinct features that make it the perfect weapon against oversleeping. Shaped like a Walther PPK/S (the same gun James Bond used in the films Dr. No and Tomorrow Never Dies), this alarm will not stir the "Living Daylights” out of you with a loud alarm. Instead, it shakes you awake with its covert vibrating alarm system. Simply pull the trigger and aim it at the wall to turn it off, and the time will appear for 30 seconds before disappearing. Afterwards, simply put the Secret Agent Alarm Clock back under your pillow...and sleep another day.

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