Tech Tuesday: Western Digital My Passport

Get massive storage from this itty-bitty gadget.

Western Digital has been a leader in digital storage solutions for years. What started out as full-blown computer hard drives getting jammed into bulky enclosures has turned into a race toward miniaturization, as larger and larger hard drives have been shrunken down, made faster, and given USB 3.0 capabilities to make transfer lightning quick. WD’s latest, My Passport, is their ultimate achievement to date, and it’s here to take the pressure off any hard drive in your house that’s maxed out.

WD’s My Passport is a sleek, 3"x4" box with a somewhat ruggedized casing. Inside lies a 2-terabyte hard drive (at least in the one we tested) that can store a massive amount of data, from backups of your all your digital photos to your movie collection to, well, almost anything you can imagine. In a day-to-day use, the My Passport is an easily portable solution for taking your most important files with you. Its USB 3.0 capabilities make transferring large amounts of data super snappy, but it can also draw power from its USB connection so you can avoid the inconvenience of carrying a second wire or—worse—a power brick.

This combination of smart design and convenience also make the My Passport an ideal solution for anyone running out of the paltry HDD space on their Xbox or WiiU. Testing it out on the Xbox One took our jam-packed 500GB internal HDD from a bursting-at-the-seams 98% full to a roomy 16% full, able to install at least another 30-40 games without having to delete ones we’ve previously downloaded. The USB 3.0 of the My Passport means there’s no downside, with load times remaining the same, or even improving in some cases when the games were played from the external HDD instead of the XBO’s internal. It also makes taking games to a friend’s house much easier, because downloads and installs of massive files (blockbuster titles can be over 40GBs each) are now super portable. We’re waiting for the PS4 to enable similar functionality. Until then, we’ll be redownloading some of our favorite games on Xbox One that were deleted when precious hard drive space became too scarce to spare.

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