Tested: The 2015 Apple Macbook

Mac is back, and they've just unveiled the sleek and powerful 2015 MacBook.

When Apple introduced the super-slim MacBook Air to their product line of regular MacBooks and MacBook Pros, they triggered a sequence of events that would end with the massively popular Macbook Air and the massively powerful MacBook Pro leaving no room for the poor, regular MacBook. And so Apple soldiered on without their middle of the road offering….until now. The Macbook is back, and it looks, feels, and works better than it ever has before.

This MacBook comeback is based on the way it blends both of its siblings. Like the MacBook Air, the regular MacBook has an impossibly thin body that is as small as a full-sized keyboard and a 12" screen will allow. It also features a super-long battery life that lasts for 9-10 hours of regular use (internet browsing/watching movies/etc.) on a single charge. More importantly, the new MacBook is as powerful as it is portable. Borrowing a higher-than-HD retina display from the MacBook Pro means the new MacBook looks better than any MacBook Air ever could. There’s also a fair amount of horsepower under the hood here, thanks to dual-core processing with available turbo boosting. The 2015 MacBook is able to handle HD media playbook, normal photoshopping tasks and a range of audio and video editing—though rendering does take a bit longer than the same tasks on a Pro.

That’s to be expected though. After all, this is a MacBook and not a MacBook Pro. If professional editing is a priority, this probably isn’t the laptop for you—the name gives it away, doesn’t it? If power, portability, durability, and endurance are what you need in a laptop, Apple just gave its middle-class offering a huge, lust-worthy, shot in the arm. And just in case the sleek body, brilliant screen, backlit keyboard, and overall sexiness wasn’t enough, they went ahead and made them available in multiple colors again. Sorry, tried-and-true silver aluminum...Space Gray and Gold are just so hot right now.

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