Tech Tuesday: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Check out the sexiest curves you can find on a cell phone.

Samsung has gone full flex. After deploying a rounded right-only edge on their last Note "phablet," they’re now rounding both edges on their smaller, more universally popular line of S phones. It’s an easily-pocketed form factor that still benefits from the extra screen real estate of having both edges curved, but retains the simple lines and refinement that Samsung has employed in all of its recent mobile offerings.

Available in three flavors—gold platinum, black sapphire and white pearl—the S6 Edge definitively looks the part of Samsung’s cornerstone smartphone. The dual curve of the Super AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) screen wraps seamlessly into the metallic backplate of the design, and there’s a surprising sturdiness to the device as a result…even if we did find ourselves accidentally activating the multitouch edge with our fat palms.

Octa-core processing, which sounds absurdly powerful for a phone that runs the universal Android operating system, is present to shred through any potential roadblocks—like the heavy burden of graphic-intense mobile games—that you might encounter on a mobile phone. The pumped up 16 Megapixel camera, super-fast charging and an improved battery life that allows 10+ hours of internet browsing on cellular networks take a backseat to the design of the phone itself, but they’re still welcome additions to any phone on which you rely to get you through your daily life of email, texting and tweeting. If the flexed edges of the S6 help facilitate that via contextual menus, which it does, then all the better. As Samsung continues to refine and find more ways to utilize their newfound screen technologies, we’ll keep coming back for more of that flexed-edge touchscreen goodness.

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