Game Review: 'Destiny House of Wolves'

Destiny introduces their newest expansion, House of Wolves, to keep you in the house throughout your summer vacation.

The shared world of Bungie’s Destiny is getting a little bigger. The second major expansion to the game has finally arrived and with it brings new levels, game modes, weapons and armor to the FPS/RPG hybrid. The House of Wolves expansion is everything we hoped it would be.

The new area opened up by the expansion, called The Reef, is full of new personalities who will put you on the path to a big injection of content for the blockbuster game. There are small additions like five new story missions and a new strike to mix in some variety to the existing, albeit thin, plot. The crown jewels are a complete new horde mode and a major variation of a three on three elimination deathmatch.

The horde mode called Prison of Elders pits you and two buddies against wave upon wave of newly introduced enemies. Minibosses scattered within the waves add a huge element of challenge to the PvE game mode and perseverance in the face of the sometimes insurmountable challenge of surviving to the end. This accomplishment is rewarded with new loot, most of which are weapons and armor that will put your current gear to shame.

The new team elimination deathmatch option, Trials of Osiris, also sports a three-man dynamic but opts for quick, strategic online multiplay where teamwork trumps individual skill. Ironically, the Trials of Osiris game mode actually rewards you in the biggest way for your individual winning streaks. Because of this it's imperative that you choose your team wisely because friendship goes out the window fast when a buddy is holding back the team.

After blasting through all the conceivable ways to play the new content, we’re happy to report that The House of Wolves. expansion is a huge step in the right direction. This is glorious news, especially after the previous expansion left a bad taste in fans’ mouths. Refinements like item-locking in the menus and upgrading older guns to be useful again supplement the major additions of actual gaming content. This also confirms that the guys at Bungie now have a firm grasp on how to pump out meaningful add-ons in the wide breadth of Destiny’s world. If/when the rumored “Comet” expansion comes out this fall, we’ll be eager instead of worried about what it brings. Until then, we’ll Duke it out in The House of Wolves content to get us through the summertime blues.

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