Tech Test: Naim’s Mu-So Wireless Stereo

Mu-So is much more than a high-priced Hi-fi stereo system.

For the not-so faint of wallet, English audio company, Naim (the guys behind some of Bentley’s upgraded audio options) are bringing their expertise to your home with the Mu-So wireless music system. The all-in-one speaker solution packs in all the bells and whistles to make your music experience amazing.

Naim’s Mu-So brings components from their high-end products into a form factor that will fit in your living room or bedroom. The sleek, squared design pumps out 450 watts of clear crystal sound with exceptional capabilities thanks to the six custom-designed speakers powering it.

A host of inputs amp up the Mu-So’s versatility. Hardwired options are there for you to physically plug in your tv or iPod, but Bluetooth, Spotify, Airplay and UPnP are all built-in options for getting your playlists to the Mu-So system. Naim’s own free app for iOS and Android helps tweak the EQ, set playlists and make other adjustments to the Mu-So’s setup. The single touch screen dial on the top of the system is also there in a pinch in case you can’t find your phone but still need to rock out.

A history of hi-fidelity and brilliant engineering is Naim’s M.O. and both of those have contributed in large part to the Mu-So system. We were shocked by the intensity of the music, the range of lows and the clarity of the highs output by the Mu-So consolidated body, but we shouldn’t have been considering the company’s expertise. Sadly, you’ll pay for that expertise since the Mu-So carries a $1,499 price tag, making a single unit a luxury that requires some serious financial consideration. Stringing a handful of them together to make a whole-house music system (which is possible with the Mu-So system) is just one of those dreams to take on your list of “stuff to do after you win the lottery.”

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