3 Cool Tech Toys That Are Changing Football

The NFL is using new technology to track player movement and chart every NFL play this season. It’s not the only gadget teams will be utilizing this season, either. Scout’s counting down 3 cool tools that are changing the way we think about football.

1. Virtual Reality

The Dallas Cowboys are trying a revolutionary method to give their quarterbacks – particularly their backup quarterbacks – the mental reps they need to become successful. Jerry Jones’ franchise inked a deal with StriVR Labs, a startup virtual reality company that can play back tape in first person. According to Cowboys writer Kristi Scales, who tried the headset, video can play for several minutes at a time.

2. Sleep Monitors

Chip Kelly’s investment in sports science has been well-documented since his arrival in Philadelphia. That science includes purchasing heart monitors for practice and doing urine tests to check his players’ hydration levels. It also includes sleep bracelets, which monitor whether the Eagles are getting Kelly’s recommended 10-12 hours of sleep per night.

3. RFID Chips

The NFL implemented these player-tracking devices in 18 stadiums last season, allowing the league to chart in real-time player movement. Curious about just how much more DeMarco Murray had to run last season than Jamaal Charles? How about which receiver has the best in-line speed? You’re going to be able to find all of that data now through “Next Gen Stats” on Microsoft’s Xbox One, Windows, and Surface.

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