Tech Watch: iDevices Have Arrived!

Home automation is just a plug away with Apple’s new HomeKit.

Previously, automating your home was a major undertaking that either needed to be done during the building process or required some significant renovations. The rise of the smartphone and easy home, networking has left our residences a likely candidate for tech overhauls. Thanks to Apple’s unified platform, HomeKit, and companies like iDevices, it’s now easier and cheaper than ever to futurize your home.

The suite of new iDevices are all about power and control. The three new items, an indoor outlet controller, an outdoor outlet controller and a smart thermostat are all meant to give you unprecedented control over the sanctuary where you escape from the world. The indoor and outdoor plugs can take control of any device you’d normally plug into your wall outlets. As an interim between the two, it allows you to turn devices on and off whether you’re home or not. Similarly, the iDevice Thermostat replaces your current home thermostat to take control of your heating and/or central air conditioning. So, that adjustments can be made when you’re in your living room or as you’re leaving work to make sure your house is nice and cool or warm when you walk in the door.

Setup for these devices is incredibly easy since they’re part of Apple’s new HomeKit platform. The unified system can be controlled from any of Apple’s devices like iPhones and iPads and will play nice with any other HomeKit certified device, not just other products from iDevices. That means buying smart light bulbs from Philips’ Hue collection can be folded into the ecosystem in the blink of an eye. Uniformity in the apps that control these automated gadgets work system wide so you can control your iDevice products even if you’re using someone else’s automation app.

Automation is key here too. You can actively control the on/off switches and thermostat off your phone, but you can also do automatic settings on a schedule so that your AC turns on or off at a certain hour every day. You can also create scenarios where certain devices will kick on, lights will change color, doors will unlock, and blinds will open, should you have the HomeKit devices that allow those operations. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we need to go set up our sexytime scenario.