Tech Test: The Toshiba Radius 12" Laptop/Tablet Rocks

Finally, you can have the best of both worlds.

Whenever a company calls a product a 2-in-1, it makes us skeptical. Is this just a marketing team getting overzealous, or does this product actually function two ways? For the Toshiba Radius, you absolutely get the best of both the laptop and tablet worlds. 

Toshiba’s Radius 12" convertible laptop has two claims to fame. One, it boasts a 4K Ultra resolution screen, the same kind of screen found in Toshiba’s groundbreaking 4K flat screen TVs. Given the lack of TV and Movie content available in 4K, it’s a bit harder to plunk down for a full-blown 4K TV (though many of us will be doing just that this Black Friday). Justifying a 4K screen on your laptop is a much easier, useful way to go. Photo editing gives greater detail, text looks crisper, and Windows 10 can scale up to accommodate the leap in resolution. 4K Youtube videos and Netflix streaming are still in their infancy, and this is a good way to test out their goods without committing to a device that’s the only function is to display content that’s not yet widely available. 

The second claim to fame—and namesake of the laptop—is a swiveling top. The Radius has a near 360-degree rotation between its screen and physical keyboard, meaning the screen folds all the way back and can be used with only your finger. We’ll credit the hardware and design with making that possible, but it’s all Windows 10’s responsibility for making that useful. The seamless integration between Toshiba’s hardware and Microsoft’s software combine to make one of the easiest transitions from a traditional computer experience to one based on a tablet’s touchscreen. Simply flip back the lid and Windows 10 switches to the tablet mode where larger icons and smarter shortcuts make the interface finger friendly. Even if you need to type, an on-screen keyboard is always at the ready...or you can transition right back to the physical keyboard if what you’re typing starts as a tweet but ends as an email. 

Outside of those two things, the Radius packs everything else you’d expect of a high-end laptop. USB 3.0 and USB-C ports are built in, as are HDMI output and an SD Card reader. HDD options are bulky (capacity-wise) and quick, and processing power is provided courtesy of Intel’s Core i7 technology. Combine those two perks with the Radius’ 4K screen, and you’ve got a rig ready to handle the super-high-res video editing for all those 4K videos you’ve been shooting on your new iPhone. The 8GB of RAM in the model we tested was more than enough to handle the tasks we threw at it, never hiccuping even during moments when video streaming, browsing and editing photos combined for a resource hogging workload. We’ve known that, when it comes to making laptops, Toshiba was reliable. Thanks to the Radius, we know they’re versatile too. 

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