Tech Tuesday: Connect with Plex Media Server

Finally, the treatment your favorite media deserves.

Whether you’re sitting on a pile of laptops, tablets, phones and game consoles already or anticipating the arrival of new gadgets come the holidays, Plex Media Server is the easiest way to make sure your entire movie, tv, video, photo, and music collection are accessible on all your devices. 

Plex is easily the most streamlined solution we’ve seen for this problem. Simply point the server to the folders with all of your media and watch as it pulls details from several available internet databases to organize and label all of your movies. If you’re like us, and you ripped your DVD/CD collection into digital form years ago, Plex will effectively create your own, personal version of Netflix or Spotify, organizing all those movies and albums and pumping them out onto your home network or to any of your devices over the internet. It also lets you create additional logins so you can share your content with friends who are deemed worthy of access to your collection.

That’s just how Plex can handle the media that exists on your local machines. And we mean that as a plural because you can turn any of your gadgets into a Plex server, capable of streaming the content on it to any other device or even using it to sync content from a PC to a Phone for offline viewing, perfect for flights home this holiday season. However, there is a huge abundance of alternative sources for content that can be installed on a Plex Media Server if you’re willing to dig into the channel options of Plex. With some light tinkering, every South Park episode, classic movies, full seasons of tv shows and more are all available to all of your devices, all for free.

Plex is the kind of software that correlates your effort to your return. The more you feed into it, the better it gets. As the folks behind Plex tackle more and more platforms (recently adding support for the new AppleTV to their app and web-based offerings), the robust ecosystem becomes even more valuable to everyone from the casual personal viewer to power-users maintaining large networks with many accounts. If your plan for New Year’s day is to park it on the couch and watch hours of movies or whole seasons of TV on your new iPad Pro, getting your Plex game in order now is the right thing to do. Your 2016 self will thank you.

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