Watch: Slow-Mo Tailgate BBQ Oddly Hypnotic

With the help of a Ford F-150, a Char-Broil grill, and some cheese-filled brats, we made a mouthwatering video that just might put you in a trance.

Last month, a few members of the Scout family decided to get bundled up and tailgate in the MetLife Stadium parking lot before the NY Giants were beaten by the then-undefeated Carolina Panthers. Along for the ride (or, more accurately, providing us with the ride) was a totally pimped out Ford F-150, complete with 10-speaker sound system, a ton of driver-assist technologies, and 10,000 pounds of towing power. While we weren't carrying 10,000 pounds of anything except faith in the soon-to-be-eliminated Giants, we did bring along a Char-Broil Portable Grill2Go X200. Able to cook in even the coldest climates—which, trust me, it was—the totally portable gas grill did a great job heating our food, with its TRU-Infrared technology getting our brats hot and juicy in no time.

We loved hanging out in the substantial bed of the F-150, asking passersby if they wanted a taste of our brats. (Get your mind out of the gutter.) As the game began, and we walked towards the stadium to scalp—er, purchase tickets legally—we noticed a pretty sick video that we had recorded of the sizzling sausages. Check it out above, then get yourself an F-150 and a Char-Broil grill and head to a game this weekend!