Game Review: 'Resident Evil Origins Collection'

Grab a blanket and a beretta and let 'Resident Evil' take you back to where it all started.

As most of the country prepares to spend a snowy January weekend confined to their homes, those looking to give themselves the creeps in addition to cabin fever should pick up Capcom’s HD remake collection of Resident Evil and Resident Evil 0. The combination of the two tells the story behind one of the most iconic zombie outbreaks in all of fiction, so it’s only appropriate to play it while quarantined. (Even if that quarantine is due to weather, not a deadly zombie virus.)


The collection includes last year’s HD remake of the original Resident Evil and the brand new HD remake of 2002’s Resident Evil 0. The combination of the two makes up the story that set off a franchise of several blockbuster games and movies. The two games in the collection are in the best form to date. High-res graphics, including a shift to a widescreen format from the original 4:3 ratio (these games came out before everyone had an HD flatscreen) make them the best-looking reiterations of Resident Evil yet. Updated control schemes that make more sense on the modern controllers of the PS4 and Xbox One also feel like a major upgrade to both games. It makes us wonder how we actually got through them with archaic control schemes back in the day.


The graphics don’t actually change much of the gameplay besides making it a bit easier to see enemies in the intensely dark environments. However, the control scheme update gives us gamers a legitimate advantage when taking on the hordes of zombies and head-scratching puzzles that were hallmarks of the RE series. Instead of struggling with camera angles and player movement, we can now run circles around minion brain eaters and bosses alike. It’s a welcome change and one that makes it easier to reach the finish line.


Reaching the end is especially enticing here because a new Wesker mode becomes available upon completion of the campaign. That puts replayability through the roof, since Dr. Wesker (who is infected by the Uroboros virus) is one hell of a formidable protagonist and makes for a fun alternate way of playing the game.

The Resident Evil Origins Collection is available now as both a physical disc and a digital download. So even if you can’t make it out to the store to pick up a copy in a blizzard, you can still get it from PlayStation and Xbox’s marketplaces directly.