Tech Test: Recon Snow2 Ski Goggle HUD

All the alpine data you'll ever need, beamed straight to your face.

Getting blanketed with snow here in the northeast has put powder on our brains. The Blizzard of '16, aka Jonas, seems to have turned the tide on a ski season marked by 70-degree weather in December, and now we’re prepping to hit the slopes. That means assembling our favorite gear and adding new goodies, primary among them is a new Recon Snow2 heads-up display for our beloved ski goggles. 


We’ve actually watched the evolution of the Recon over the past few years, and the Snow2 is the most tech-forward version yet. The tiny screen fits into several pairs of goggles so you can choose which ones to pair them with. Whether that be Oakleys or Zeals, once they’re paired up, the Recon’s screen will deliver pertinent information directly into your eyeball. The information on demand from the Recon is actually quite extensive too.


First and foremost, the Snow2 will give you the most up to date stats for the mountain that you’re on. Maps of the resort and your own GPS data overlaid on the map will help you get to the right trails or find the bar after a long day on the mountain. The Snow2 will also give you elevation, distance and speed data for your runs. Most useful is the Snow2s ability to track and display the location of your friends on the mountain. All they have to do is run the Recon app on their iPhone or Android, and it’ll act like a beacon so you can regroup for your next run.


Additionally, pairing the Snow2 with your own phone will allow you to see incoming phone calls and text messages. We don’t actually recommend doing either of those things while you’re on the slopes, but they can be a nice distraction while you’re awkwardly avoiding eye contact with your fellow gondola passengers. That same wireless phone connectivity can control your phone’s music player to fill your head with tunes while you shred the double diamonds.


Knowing that you’ll be wearing bulky gloves when the Snow2 is most active, Recon throws in a Bluetooth wrist controller with big ol’ buttons for easy operation even in mittens. The wrist controller is also waterproof in case your run ends with you face down in a mogul or whipping through blizzard conditions.

Now, if the Snow2 could just predict which weekend those blizzard conditions would be coming back, our alpine life would be complete.

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