Wireless Wednesday: Samsung Level On Wireless Pro Headphones

Samsung debuts new premium headphones for almost any situation.

Few headphones that we’ve tried—and we’ve tried many—have as wide an array of uses as the Samsung Level On Pros. The device has the capable of connecting to your devices via hardwire stereo plug or Bluetooth, the plush earcups and active noise cancelling built into the headset comfortably block outside noise while pumping loads of volume directly into your skull. 

Samsung’s Level On Pros have quickly become our first choice of headphones for everything from watching movies on a laptop to listening to music on our subway commute to drowning out the ambient noise of plane travel. High-quality materials and excellent build quality give them a sturdiness that we appreciated, especially during travel, but also allow them to fold up for portability, another aspect we loved for travel. The active noise cancelling managed to block out almost all of the outside we’d prefer not to hear but didn’t make us completely oblivious to our surroundings either. The sound quality itself remains at an exceptional high here, with plenty of volume on all levels, high to low and clarity that made whispers in movies as clear as gigantic explosions.

Battery life is stunningly good, requiring a charge only after days of use for music, movies and talk time. The built-in mic and easy controls made taking those phone calls a cinch and pass-through on the noise cancelling, something that Samsung calls Talk-In Mode, stopped us from the annoying urge to talk at the top of our voice and bother everyone in a ten-foot radius. The Level On series of headphones also have the unique feature of being able to daisy chain to each other wirelessly should you want to share a source with another Level On user.

The comfort level of the cans are due to maybe the softest cushioning we’ve ever seen in headphones, but that also proves to be one of the Level On Pro’s biggest drawbacks since those cushions become a soggy mess should you make the mistake of using these during a workout. These are not rugged or built for activity. Which is probably why they carry the Pro tag. Still, no one should really expect to be using the same headphones on the treadmill as they would on the couch.

If you can forgive them that shortcoming, Samsung’s Level On Pros can be your headphone solution for every other situation since we don't usually see the combination of this kind of quality and thoughtfulness very often. For the $300 price tag, these are headphones that put the similarly priced Beats to shame but then anyone who has used Beats personally would know to expect that from the outset.