Cruise Boardwalk in Style with New Ford Mustang Monopoly Piece

It's going to be easy to land in jail when you're riding around in the newest addition to the Monopoly board game.

It seems like collecting $200 from all those trips around 'GO' have finally paid off for Mr. Monopoly.

With all that extra green and blue cash, he can trade in his sleek Kurtis Kraft midget race car for the 2015's best-selling sports car in the U.S.—the Ford Mustang.

This isn't the first time the iconic car piece has been replaced, but considering the last time was with a Prius, it's certainly the first time the replacement ride has looked this good!

To get your hands on the newest gold Mustang just grab the new version of the board game, Monopoly Empire, which is available now at

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