Wireless Wednesday: Creative iRoar Review

It’s not just loud, it’s smart.

You may not be able to tell from the snowstorms across the country this week but summer is indeed on its way and that means you’ll have plenty of reasons to want to be able to bump music in the great outdoors. Enter the Creative iRoar bluetooth speaker, ready to hook into any source you can throw at it and fill any space from your living room to your backyard to the beach.

The iRoar is Creative’s highest end speaker. It comes with their best technology on both the sound and connectivity fronts and even has a few tricks up its sleeve. The sleek, simple design houses all the audio power of the dual amp system packed into the iRoar’s form factor. The little box is able to spit out big, clear sound whether you’re listening to music, using it for watching movies or taking phone calls with the included or the optional external mic.

Minimalist controls on the iRoar itself are good enough to get you through almost any situation but a higher level of detailed controls are available through the smart and easy to use iRoar dashboard app where EQs and other options, even giving you the chance to use a voice-changer when taking phones calls through the speakerphone setup. The iRoar easily connects to phones to enable these controls as well as giving you access to your entire music collection, Spotify, Pandora or any other musically-inclined apps. The iRoar also has a 20 hour battery and can share that battery life with a dying phone through its USB charging port.

If you’re less inclined to go mobile, the iRoar can also connect to your PC via USB to help boost the tinny speakers in your Macbook. If you prefer to go without a second device entirely, the iRoar will accept MicroSD cards filled with music to blast your music as a standalone device. And if you’re looking to integrate Creative’s speaker into your home theater, an optical input is available for a more permanent and clear connection.

We were very impressed with the bells and whistles but the iRoar’s bread and butter comes from sound and its ability to take any music you throw at it and fill a space. Even in ambient situations where other bluetooth speakers fold (looking at you Beats Pill) the iRoar fills the space the same way we do when we’re singing in the shower. Of course, the optional ROAR button on the speaker itself can add an extra oomph in case the din of your party turns up to 11. At $369, the iRoar isn’t a purchase to take lightly but the quality of the sound combined with the reliability of Creative’s clever engineering means you can rest easy knowing that the iRoar is the only bluetooth speaker you’ll need for the next decade.