Organize Your Man Cave

Mayhem to Man Cave: Must-have essentials to spruce up your space.

Here are a few must-have essentials to spruce up your vehicles or workshop space.


#1 Shelf Liner:  Think it’s just for the kitchen?  Think again.  Duck® brand offers a variety of shelf liner products that are ideal additions to workbenches, cars and other garage areas.  Plus, the newest line addition, Easy Liner® with Clorox®, will protect surfaces from dirt and grime, and leaks and spills – plus the liner is protected by antimicrobial agents that prevent mold and mildew growth.


A non-adhesive liner that offers grip top and bottom can be used to prevent surface scratches, keep your items in place and provide a cushioned surface – on your shelves, on your workbench top and in your toolbox drawers.

Keep your car neat and clean by placing a shelf liner with grip top and bottom on the dashboard… or place liner such as Easy Liner® with Clorox® in your storage areas to protect against dirty (and germy) sports equipment.


#2 Duck Tape®: It’s not known as “Father’s Fix-All” for nothing.  No respectable guy should be without several roles of Duck Tape® (ranging from Original to Max Strength) in their tool box for repairs and quick fixes around the house, garden or garage.

#3 T-REX® Tape: For more extreme jobs – when only the best will do, be sure to have T-REX® Tape on hand.  It’s formulated with super-durable, extra-thick, sun-resistant materials to work longer and hold stronger than other utility tapes, in all kinds of weather.