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Tested: 2016 Volvo V60 Cross Country T5 AWD

The V60 Cross Country T5 AWD is a stately, ironed-out Swedish hatchback with the heart of a much sportier and nimbler car.

Volvo’s V60 Cross Country T5 AWD is an amalgamation of station wagon and crossover without the stigmata of either. It’s not an old person’s grocery getter or a young, urban professional’s first hip crossover. It’s a stately, ironed out Swedish hatchback with the heart of a much sportier and nimbler car.

Sleek without being clunky, the V60 rests on a fine line of muscular shoulders and defined characteristics. It stands out in a sea of German sport wagons and American crossovers. Though not as polished as some of its German competitors, it’s the non-German qualities that make it stand out.

Starting with front and rear independent suspension, the usability and dynamic behavior of the V60 is surprising. It tends to lean during cornering, the all-wheel-drive with Instant Traction does a great job clawing and scratching the Volvo’s way back towards level. While it does perform commendably, that doesn’t rule out luxury. Leather sport seats, dual zone climate control, and push button start/stop are all standard. Ride comfort during normal driving is commanding without being jarring.

There’s also something so unique and quirky about a 5-cylinder engine that fits right at home inside the Volvo. With 250 horsepower and 266 lb.-ft of torque, there’s plenty of available power to get out of most situations. Plus, that 5-cylinder sound is something enthusiasts will find endearing. We do think fuel economy is a bit on the lower side, and Volvo could probably find ways to up the mpg numbers.

Volvo is somewhat of an underdog in any new car buying equation. While it might not be your first or second choice because it’s not the most boisterous car company out there, they deserve a look for sheer uniqueness of the brand. They speak to the more humble and factual people out there and that’s not a bad thing. If you want a car where driving, commuting, people carrying, or Sunday trips to the fleas is your thing, the Volvo does every one of them well and will comfort you in your purchase for years.


Efficiency:      20/28/23 mpg (city/highway/combined)

0-60 MPH:      7.5 seconds

Top Speed:      N/A mph

Horsepower:    250 horsepower

Torque:            266 lb-ft

Cost:                $41,000 (base) / $49,775 (as tested)

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