Tech Test: Playstation VR

Sony’s VR solution is set to make a big splash this October.

In a landscape where the GearVR is the most popular platform and the two heavy hitters, Oculus and Vive, are received with mixed reviews, Sony has honed in on an opportunity to bring VR gaming to anyone with a Playstation 4. PSVR is scheduled to arrive in October for $399 and could be sporting as many as 50 launch titles when it does.


Sony used this E3 to show off plenty of its upcoming exclusive titles, many of which will be landing on the PSVR in one form or another. Those titles created enormous lines at the convention this week, easily being one of the must-see exhibits of the show with people gladly waiting on 2+ hour lines to get their hands on it.


Rightfully so, PSVR represents Sony firing on all pistons, using all of their hardware-making abilities and calling in all their great partnerships to make sure gamers have plenty of great stuff to play on PSVR when it launches. The shit-your-pants terrifying Resident Evil 7 is certainly of note, providing one of the first Escape the Room experiences on PSVR with the horrifying promise of having zombies eat you alive should you fail.


Batman makes his first VR appearance in Arkham VR for Playstation’s platform. Combat with all of his fantastic toys came across intact but it was the game’s detective mode, allowing us to spot clues, reenact crimes and track down villains by careful observation and replaying the scene. Sure, it was fun to start tossing around batarangs too but Batman is the world’s greatest detective and that’s definitely how Arkham VR made us feel.


The rest of the PSVR lineup offers everything from exploring a world full of dinosaurs to shooting down aliens and robots to proper sports like Golf and Tennis. We also have it on good authority that the upcoming Gran Turismo Sport will be getting the VR treatment with the official announcement of that coming closer to the October launch of PSVR itself.

While we eagerly await to take home our own headset and dig into Playstation’s huge VR lineup, we’ll wait patiently through the summer, practicing up on our PSMove controllers - the same ones that PSVR uses to capture hand motions in-game - and marvelling at the fact that Sony is actually pulling off VR without requiring any upgraded hardware. Simply plug the headset into your existing PS4 via a wire dongle and you’ll be ready to go.