Tech Tuesday: Portable Storage Gets Smart and Sexy

Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless Pro is highly intelligent—and not so shabby looking.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer, weekend adventurer, drone enthusiast or simply a movie lover, Western Digital’s My Passport Wireless Pro has the most extensive functionality we’ve ever seen in an external hard drive. That makes it perfect for everyone, regardless of whether you’re a power user who values reliability over all else or a casual user who just wants the most thoughtful and convenient external hard drive out there.


The My Passport Wireless Pro external HDD comes with storage up to 3 terabytes. It’s main claim to fame is its wireless capabilities. Once integrated into your home network, you can wirelessly push files to it from any device. Mac or PC computers find it without a moment’s hesitation. Smartphones and tablets access it through WD’s own, streamlined app. There’s a bevy of on-board wireless chips that make transfers go like lightning and let multiple devices hook into its storage simultaneously. All manner of USB and SD card ports mean you can push data to the external without fuss. Highly customizable settings let you immediately import any data from any device attached to the drive automatically or you can initiate the transfer manually with one of the two buttons on the outer, somewhat-rugged casing.


That’s how the My Passport Wireless Pro functions as an external hard drive and it performs all those functions beyond admirably. But there’s so much more to be found here. This WD HDD is also a portable battery pack that will charge anything from your iPhone to your GoPro several times over before it runs out of juice. It’s also capable of sharing your wifi network to as many as eight devices at a time, which will be more of a drain on your internet connection than the Passport’s data stream. Finally, the My Passport Wireless Pro has a built-in Plex server, making it a brilliant, low-energy alternative to running an extra computer for the same reason. That means any movie you capture, create, download or share with friends can be added to the Plex server on the external HDD itself (right where it belongs!) which will organize it and make it available to any of the devices that can run a Plex client, from computers to phones to Xbox, so you can view on screens from big to small, on the go or on your couch.


The 3TB flavor of the My Passport Wireless Pro is available now for $249 and gets you a massive amount of portable storage encased in the most cutting edge technology Western Digital currently offers. A 2TB is also available for $229 but, when it comes to storage, less is never more.