Fix Your Swing in Six Minutes?

For that kind of money, his students (some are pros) expect results. Bender knows his talking helps, but lasting fixes come from tools providing immediate feedback during the swing. So he developed and perfected a bendable stick, the Benderstik, that you place in the ground to help hold your head still or prevent hip sway and coming "over the top."

The video shows students fixing faults in six minutes or less. Our product testers probably had their doubts about yet another device from the gush-and-golly world of golf-training aids — and yet 92 percent of them recommended the Benderstik after testing it. Here are some of their comments:

"I will be the first one to tell you I was not a believer. How could this funny-looking ball help my golf swing? After using it a couple of weeks, I started noticing an improvement in my swing. I started shaving strokes off my game! I am definitely a believer now."– Jason from Minnesota

"I really enjoyed using this to help not only my golf swing, but also the swings of my two grandsons who are 9 and 11. The guys and I took the Benderstik to our backyard and used it to practice our swings. I love the way the head can be bent down to the right size for a short person or a tall person. You can use it either sticking out of your golf bag or by pushing it into the ground. The instruction video that comes with the Benderstik explains everything in detail on how to fix your swings." – Debora from CA

Order the Benderstik online, and maybe you'll experience a "fix-in-six" swing correction.


>Why It Works Seven videos explaining how the Benderstik fixes swing flaws and builds muscle memory.

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