Hotshot Review for Fix with Mix

Here's what Fix With Mix can fix for you. In golf, you're gonna take divots; they're part of the game.

A bad divot is behind the ball (hitting the ground before hitting the ball), and a good divot is in front of the ball (hitting the ball before hitting the ground, compressing the ball between the club and the ground). The trouble is you don't want to leave a trail of divot destruction as you play a round; it messes up a beautiful course and messes up the shot of someone who follows you and happens to hit a ball into your divot.

Fill Fix With Mix with the course mix of seed, sand and fertilizer, and hook the 6-in. canister to your bag or cart. When you make a divot, fix it by pouring the course mix into the divot. You'll feel good about cleaning up a minor mess in the turf, and you'll be encouraged to make divots — the good kind.

In sum, Fix With Mix will fix divots and perhaps a swing fault, so try it today!

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