GOLFSTR+ for Every Swing in Your Game

Golf training aids often over-promise, under-deliver and over-charge. Well, here's a refreshing change of pace: a simple product that almost undersells its power to fix six thorny swing-and-putting issues -- for only $29.99 (with discount, see below).

The GOLFSTR+ Swing Trainer corrects elbow-and-wrist breakdowns that you may not think you have but that nevertheless rob you of power and accuracy. It's so effective and simple to use and adjust that 78 percent of our product testers recommended the product, offering these types of comments:

"Something I would definitely recommend. You hit farther and straighter with the Straight Arm Trainer. It was a lot of fun using it and very comfortable and easy to get on." –Rodney from Florida

"I wear this product every time I go out to the course. I have noticed a significant improvement in my swing and a much lower score." –John from Minnesota

"Works well for chipping and putting. Product is very simple to use and can be easily kept in golf bag and not take up a lot of space. Product can be used through a whole round without being cumbersome." –Tony from Michigan

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