Video Makes Your Problems Go Away

It takes a strong man to pick himself up when he is down. Manuel De Los Santos did just that.

If you're having a bad day -- on or off the golf course -- watch this video. Heck, if you're having a good day, watch this video anyway. It'll make your day.

It's about Manuel De Los Santos, once a baseball player in the Dominican Republic who lost his left leg in a 2003 motorcycle accident. He and his wife traveled to Paris and saw The Legend of Bagger Vance. The movie changed his life because it got Manuel interested in golf.

He signed up for a lesson at a driving range, and the instructor told him to hit a few balls. Manuel smacked four balls past the 200-meter mark, and he was hooked. "This moment," he says, "I smile like a baby. When I lose my leg, I never have a smile."

Check out Manuel's amazing balance and strength, but mostly study his appreciation. "When I feel bad, I go to the golf course," he says. "I find my second leg. I forget my problem. I don't think about never having one leg."

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