Bad Shot, Good Reaction

We've all hit wretched shots, right? What do we do? We seethe and stuff because golf's a game of tradition, decorum and gentility. But that may not always work, and for those rare times when you must release the beast, here's the perfect instructional video that'll teach you moves like The Axeman and The Helicopter.

It's all wrong to pretend that everything's all right when you hit a golf ball so wretchedly wrong. Am I right? Who are you kidding? You're pissed, so own it! Make like McEnroe in releasing the inner demons, but do it with far more class and in a style fitting to golf.

Easier said than done for most golfers, however. As much as you'd like to express your frustrations (at least once?) with creative flair, well, you are a golfer, after all. But you can learn, and golf is all about instruction — including this funny, step-by-step video on how to react to bad shots.

The Axeman, The Helicopter

Caution: "How to React After a Bad Golf Shot!! Smash, Throw, Punt & Break Golf Clubs!" is not a video for everyone. First, it's 8:04 minutes, which like an eon on the Internet. But forget the length because time flies when things are funny — plus there's a lot of material to cover and, most likely, use immediately on the course. Second, golf is a game of tradition, decorum and gentility; this video is not.

Here's the scene: A guy named Ted just chunks a chip shot, and the star of the video, instructor Rob Stocke, asks: "Ted, what are you doing?"

"I'm trying to learn to hit a chip shot, man," says Ted.

A disapproving Stocke says, "No, I mean, you hit an awful shot. But all you did was shrug your shoulders and drop the club? That's the best you got?"

"I'm trying to learn this new chipping technique!" says Ted.

"Enough about the technique, man," says Stocke. "We've got to learn some techniques on how to show some emotion, how to get upset after a bad shot."

Learn how to get upset by using these moves: The Axeman, The Helicopter, The Punt and The "Bo Jackson".

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