The NBA's Best Golfer

First, guess which player is the best golfer in the NBA. Then compare your choice with the player named by Charles Barkley and featured on the golf course in this video.

Earlier this week, Golf Channel's Holly Sonders interviewed notables from Auburn University on "Morning Drive", including Charles Barkley, the former NBA star and current analyst for TNT. Barkley always has something to say, and most of it is worth listening to and often funny.

Anyway, Sonders asked Barkley to name the best golfer is in the NBA. Former players included Michael Jordan, of course, and Clyde Drexler. But what about the best golfer from the ranks of current NBA players? Can you guess the name of the current NBA player that Barkley chose as the league's best golfer?

Here's a hint: Both Jordan and Drexler were big-time scorers in their day, and this player — again, Barkley's choice as the top golfer among current players in the NBA — is also a big-time scorer.

Take a minute to guess a name or two, and then find whom we're talking about by watching this video of the NBA's best golfer playing in his own charity golf event.

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