What Cart Girls See

What are golfers like from the point of view of cart girls? Who are the better tippers, men or women? What's a tried-and-true strategy on earning tips, and what is the size of some of the better tips? In this video, we posed these and other questions to a handful of cart girls.

Because of golf, we dress brighter and we're wittier. It's true. Golf shirts alone save guys, especially, from endless decades of Navy blue and gray. And the wealth of golf humor makes boring boys and girls pretty dang funny at times.

But the wit and charm really come out on the course when the cart girls roll up. And why not? There's some flirting going on, and that's usually fun. But in addition to the flirt factor, we universally applaud cart girls because:

  • They provide a needed break. Often, they arrive after a bad hole. They pull us out of our funk and remind us that this is just a game.
  • They provide food and water. A round of golf can be rough as we take on the course and the elements. We need to be refreshed during a round, and cart girls are the "cavalry."
  • They provide beauty. They're pretty, and it's good for our soul to pause and appreciate beauty.

"Cart girls are the cavalry."

On a golf trip to Branson, Missouri, I interviewed cart girls about the realities of their profession. I hit them with questions such as: Do they like the term "cart girls?" What tactics do they use to earn big tips? Who are the bigger tippers, men or women?

See in this video the true confessions of four cart girls.

What's your biggest tip to a cart girl?

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