Hands Ahead

If you've studied the swing, you know what hands ahead means. It means great contact. It means great control. It means great distance. Here's a simple hands-ahead drill. Do it.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to swing a golf club and still hit the ball. But if you want to hit it consistently well, you have to have your "hands ahead" at impact. Here's a video that'll help.

If you set the sole of an iron flat on the ground, you'll notice the shaft leans ahead, toward the target. It's designed that way, to help you hit properly.

"Educate your hands."

So the challenge is to do what the design dictates; don't flip the wrists, but keep a flat left wrist and a bent right wrist at impact (for right-handers; the opposite for lefties).

This is easy to understand, but often your hands need a little schooling. Do this drill to educate your hands:

  1. Insert a driveway stake (purchased at The Home Depot) in the hole at the end of your grip.
  2. Address the ball with the shaft leaning ahead and the stake touching the left side of your ribcage (for right-handers).
  3. Hit chip shots — but don't let the stake touch your ribs.

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