Get Better, Think Belt Buckle

Work on your swing so that at your finish, your belt buckle faces the target. If you consistently accomplish that, you're doing a lot of nice things as you swing — and your scores will go down. Speaking of golf belt buckles, here's one that on the greens will make your buddies say, "What is that?".

Your belt buckle can make you a better golfer. If that buckle faces the target at your finish position, you have:

  • "Released" the club
  • Swung in tempo and not swung too hard
  • Hit down and through, compressing the ball instead of trying to lift the ball
  • Swung on plane and not swung "over the top"

The list of good swing things goes on and on when your belt buckle faces the target at finish (see this video). But let's not complicate things too much as you learn to swing or fix a bad swing. I like the instructive simplicity of making your primary goal to finish strong with your belt buckle facing the target.

"Belt buckle faces the target."

Try Drill 1 at home: Set up with an iron and then swing it slowly all the way to finish. Make adjustments until you can finish on balance and with your belt buckle facing the target. This drill is so simple and so amazing in how it reveals setup and swing flaws. There is no ball distraction; you're just focusing on swing form and reaching your goal of that perfect belt-buckle finish.

Try Drill 2 at the driving range: Do Drill 1 for a while to warm up. Now, put a ball down. Stop salivating and tightening all your sphincter muscles as you normally do when you want to hit the ball a ton. At this point, you just want to hit a little dumper, but you want to do it with a perfect belt-buckle finish. Just as in Drill 1, that is still the primary goal. When you reach that goal with slow swing speeds, swing increasingly harder to hit the ball. You'll find that a belt-buckle finish is hard to do when you swing your hardest; swinging at about 75 percent of max is ideal.

As long as we're focusing on the belt buckle, you gotta check this one out. It's the Nexbelt Go-In! golf belt (see video), which is worn by Kevin Na on the PGA Tour. The belt has no holes; notches on the inside allow you to tighten or loosen quickly and in small amounts as your day goes on. But the cool thing is a flip-down cover to the belt buckle. Inside is a magnetized ball marker that says, "Go-In!" Every time I wear this belt on the course and flip open the buckle on the green to mark my ball, someone comments. Think about Nexbelt as a Father's Day gift.

What is the golf drill that you find most helpful to making your swing better?

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