‘You Kiddin' Me?' Tour Stats

Here are two very surprising PGA Tour statistics and three more that are flat out amazing.

If you were paying attention to yesterday's CBS broadcast of The Memorial Tournament, you heard Nick Faldo say a PGA Tour statistics that raised an eyebrow. That stat and four more make up the Monday Morn Stat Quiz. Ready?

  1. Who is the best lag putter on Tour? Answer: Bubba Watson. When Faldo said that, I was surprised because Watson is known for his drives. But the more I see of Bubba – especially during his two wins at The Masters – the more I see that he is as good a putter as he is driver of the ball. He's also the most entertaining player on the Tour.
  2. Who has the longest drive in Tour play this year? Answer: Webb Simpson, 397 yards at the Hyundai T of C on the 7th hole. I would have never guessed that one. But there it is on the PGA Tour Statistics page.

  3. Who has the best birdie-or-better percentage from 200 or more yards? Answer: Rory McIlroy, with an awesome 49.57 percent. He's had 58 birdies in 117 holes when his approach shot is out 200 yards or more.
  4. Who leads the Tour in putts per round this year? Answer: Charl Schwartzel, with an average of 27.69. His low was 22 putts in one round. Whoa!

  5. Who leads the Tour in driving distance? Answer: Bubba Watson, with an average of 314.2 yards. Amazing when you consider that Watson has a natural power fade, which means the ball travels much farther because of the curved flight. Faldo talked about this in the Saturday broadcast and said that a 340-yard drive with Watson's fade would be close to 400 yards if he hit straight.

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