‘Swing Easy, Hit Hard'

Wouldn't it be nice to have a slow, easy swing like that of Ernie Els and Fred Couples? You can do it with these five tips.

"Swing Easy, Hit Hard" is a title of a golf instruction book by two-time U.S. Open champion Julius Boros. Love that title and that swing thought. But swinging easy is not as easy as you might think. After all, you want to make the ball go fast and far, so it doesn't make sense to swing slow, right?

Correct. You don't swing slow and easy; you appear to swing slow and easy, but you actually hit the ball hard, as Ernie Els (see video) and Fred Couples (see video) do.

So how do you pull this off? In this video, instructor Paul Wilson offers five tips:

  1. Keep your arms connected to you body; your body dictates how fast the arms move.
  2. Keep your grip and wrists loose, which makes possible the end-of-the-whip action of the club as it comes around your body.
  3. As you swing, actually think Els and Couples.

  4. Practice with a full swing but hit to just 3/4 of your maximum distance with each club. Gradually increase your body's rotational speed once your have a swing that appears to be slow and easy.
  5. Your thought as you swing on the course should be, "50 percent of normal length." Nerves will make it about an 80 percent swing, which is perfect.

Have you ever seen your swing on video? What did you notice that surprised you?

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