How to Hit the Dreaded Half Wedge

The dreaded half wedge may look fluid and effortless, but it's a difficult shot that widens the eyes and quickens the pulse of even the top pros. However, once you get the technique, this shot can become your best friend. Here's a video and a one-legged drill that'll take the dread out of the half-wedge shot.

This dang shot — the dreaded half wedge — looks so fluid and effortless. And it is, once you get the technique. Until then, it's often chili dips and skull shots interrupted by just enough reasonable results to save you from winging your wedges into the woods and using only the putter from the fairway.

Before going the putter-only route, try this video tip:

  • Set up with the ball in the middle of your stance.
  • Load 55 percent of your weight on the left foot (foot closer to target).
  • As you finish your backswing, load 65 to 70 percent of weight on your left foot.
  • Swing by pivoting around the left leg, with the bottom of the swing just in front of the ball.

A drill to help shift your weight onto your left leg is setting up as instructed above. Raise your right foot (foot farther from target) and touch only the toe to the ground. Now, swing and pivot around your left leg.

Control distance by varying the speed of rotation around your left leg. See video.

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