20 Tips for Better Drives

There may be some golfers who are satisfied with their drives, but good luck finding one. Everyone wants just a little more distance and accuracy, and this video offers 20 tips on how to get more out of your drives.

"What's the most important club in your bag?" Most golfers will say it's the putter, but I've always felt it's the driver. Bryon Nelson and Ben Hogan agree, saying that the putter is crucial for scoring, but when you can consistently bang the ball far down the fairway and in play without taking on penalty strokes, you start the hole well and have a chance to score. In addition, good driving builds confidence, and confidence leads to good scoring.

You probably want to improve your driving in some way, so check out this Martin Hall video: "Becoming a Better Driver". It's about 20 minutes long, but it has about 20 tips and drills from Hall, Harris English and Arnold Palmer.

Here's one drill: At the driving range, tap a stake into the turf about 20 ft. in front of you. If you want to develop a draw, start the ball to the right of the stake (if you're a right-hander) so that it can work right to left. If you want to develop a fade, start the ball left of the stake so that it can work left to right.

More driving tips and drills.

Which is the more important club in your bag, the driver or the putter?

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