Wie, Li, Lee and Me

Women's golf has a new fan. In fact, it has lots of new fans after last weekend. Michelle Wie won big, Lucy Li won our hearts and Meena Lee (great name) and other women with Far East origins won The Wise One Trophy by wearing sun-blocking clothing.

I once was an on-the-course spectator at a Curtis Cup match, but I hardly ever watch women's golf. Odd, because when I do I enjoy it. I like studying their technique and tempo, and in many cases they hit about the same distance as I do even though I am taller and stronger, usually.

I hadn't followed the LPGA because there wasn't a hook. But now after catching some of the action at the 2014 U.S. Women's Open, I and many others, presumably, have finally been dragged over to the distaff side of golf. Here's why:

  • Michelle Wie's Wand Work. Wie was thrown to the wolves at age 13 when she came onto the scene, hitting big drives and even playing on the men's tour. Dumb move that delayed her development. Putting was her problem, but she got creative and fixed that. She came up with this tabletop putting, which puts her body in an inverted-L, yoga-like pose that prevented her from three-putting all week at Pinehurst No. 2. That kind of unconventional, screw-what-it-looks-like change won me over.
  • Lucy Li Remained a Little Girl. The 11-year-old didn't come in all coached up to be this and say that. She was herself, playing well, speaking even better to the press and showing off the best laugh you'll ever hear (see yesterday's post about her press conference). And after she missed the cut, she stayed around to watch and learn — true to her word — from Wie and other pros. That kind of unconventional, do-what-it-takes-to-learn approach won me over.
  • Meena Lee Wore Sun-Blocking Golf Duds. First of all, you gotta love that name, Meena Lee — that's music! And I loved that she and others wore clothing that protected their skin from the sun. The ones I saw wearing this type of getup had origins in the Far East, golfers like Lee, Amy Yang and Sakura Yokomine. For the sake of their appearance and skin health, women from the other side of the Pacific are especially concerned about protecting their skin from sun damage, and we all can learn from that. We don't want to mess around with melanoma. So, that going-against-the-grain, unconventional courage to stand up to golf fashion and protect the skin won me over.

All in all, things are looking up in my golf world. The unconventional women have won me over, my game's getting better thanks to some unconventional changes of my own and Tiger is coming back in two days.

What do you like about watching women's golf?

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