The 5 Wealthiest Golfers

You can probably guess three of the top five active golfers in the world who have accumulated the highest net worth over their careers. But the other two …

There’s been talk that Tiger Woods isn’t putting in the time required to make a full comeback, that he isn’t as hungry as he once was. I don’t buy it entirely; he’s coming off of back surgery, after all, and he’s being a parent to his growing children. Plus, he’s older, 37, and knows what’s needed and what’s a waste. He’ll be back.

Hungry? It’s hard to say how hungry an athlete is who has a net worth, according to a July report by Wealth-X, of $590 million. Woods is the world’s wealthiest golfer and the world's richest athlete. His net worth is more than three times that of the No. 2 golfer on the list of wealthiest golfers.

Who else is on the top-five list of richest active PGA golfers, based on prize money, endorsement deals, corporate outings and licensing fees? Hint: The U.S. claims three spots.

Find out who the five wealthiest active golfers are.

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