Golf Addiction?

We joke about our passion for golfing, saying that we “mainline” it by playing 18 or even 36 holes a day, day in and day out. But for some, golf addiction is no joke, as this video shows. It can happen to the best of us, and it can lead to lost jobs, broken marriages and ruined families.

For Doug Johnson, this is the question that he feared almost daily: “Honey, what did you do today?”

Usually, the question was followed by a lie and the dread that his wife would find out that, once again, he had spent most of the day golfing. When he’d drive past a golf course, he’d tell himself that he’d only stop to hit a small bucket at the range. Then he’d tell himself that he’d only play nine, and then 18 and then ….

Johnson, the centerpiece in this video “Addicted to Golf” did this dance for decades, and then the music stopped. The blessing of getting a hole-in-one turned out to be a curse. His boss saw Johnson’s name in the paper the next day, and soon afterward let the 61-year-old Johnson go. He is now working at The Home Depot. His wife divorced him, and he and his daughters are estranged.

“A hole-in-one turned out to be a curse.”

Johnson is not alone, of course. A father skips the birth of his grandson because he has a tee time. A husband asks that labor be induced so the birth of his child won’t mess up his golf outing. Check out the video.

Have you ever known someone who you think has a golf addiction? Have you ever felt addicted to golf?

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