What’s Good for the Goose …

… Is good for the gander, right? Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki won the Istanbul Cup the same day Rory McIlroy won the Claret Jug. Hmmm. This is two months after McIlroy called off their engagement in a three-minute phone call. Was it good for you? It was good for me.

About a year ago, Johnny Miller said the reason Rory McIlroy had been slumping was Caroline Wozniacki. "I think he's in love for the first time," Miller said in an article that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle. "It's a wonderful feeling, and it's distracting.”

Wozniacki was slumping as well, which would make sense according to Miller’s thinking. She slid from No. 1 before the couple started dating to south of the top 10. She hadn’t made a Grand Slam final since the 2009 U.S. Open, and had not won a WTA event since October of 2013.

But it all seemed to be worth it for both when in April of this year the two sent out invitations to their wedding, which was to take place in November. But days later, McIlroy broke it off in a three-minute phone conversation.

Athletes and Marriage

OK, stuff happens and people get cold feet. Marriage has a 50 percent success rate, anyway, and marriages involving two athletes (or celebrities) are a mixed bag, at best. Many succeed, and, just like in the general population, many don’t.

“Fame and fortune stop at the storm door.”

Athletes probably learn that fame and fortune stop at the storm door. And the give-and-take of good relationships gets lost on some athletes who grow up and get used to taking in — not giving out — the adulation and love from the fans. Something like that.

So the Wozniacki-McIlroy relationship ended, as did all those doggone distractions, supposedly. What happened? They both went on to win big on the same day (see video). Last Sunday, while McIlroy won the Claret Jug at the British Open, Wozniacki won the Istanbul Cup, trouncing Roberta Vinci 6-1, 6-1 and winning her first tournament of the year. She extended her streak of winning at least one WTA title every year since 2008.

Good for you, Woz. Yep, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

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