Swing Update: Sir Charles

A week ago Charles Barkley, poor guy, took his public display of a private duo with his golf demons to Nevada to compete against Annika Sorenstam and aging celebs in a televised event. Under intense, first-tee scrutiny, Sir Charles unveiled a new golf swing.

Elite athletes possess unparalleled hand-eye coordination that helps them shoot, pass and catch the ball. That physical gift is best exhibited among the gods that grace professional sports, but something happens when many of those gods grab a golf club. Grace says, “See ya!” and, in the case of Charles Barkley, what is left is the Round Mound of a Really Retched Swing.

"There are worse things in life than sucking at golf.”

However, like the rest of us who struggle with our golf swing, Sir Charles keeps showing up with a desperate optimism that hope will triumph over experience. A week ago, he played in the American Century Championship, competing against Annika Sorenstam, Larry the Cable Guy, Joe Theismann, Brian Urlacher, Bode Miller and other celebs who like to laugh and golf and be seen on national television. Guess where Sir Charles finished (see leaderboard)?

The good news for Barkley is that his new swing (see video) was the only thing that could steal the limelight from Mark Rypien, who won the event broadcast from Lake Tahoe on NBC. Barkley’s swing boo-boos have been broadcast many times over the years, and it is painful to watch the big man stop a big swing in the downswing, double-clutch and then fire — or, typically, mis-fire.

"I just choke,” Barkley said. “I don’t know the reason for it. Under pressure, when there are people around and crowds, I can’t just swing the club. It is very disappointing and frustrating.”

Love the honesty, and love that he doesn’t let golf get the better of him. "I am not going to get upset," he said. "There are worse things in life than sucking at golf.”

Check out Charles Barkley’s new swing.

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