Golf, Gators and a Greedy Gull

You are about to view the most riveting, uproarious golf video of all time — and no one hits a golf ball. It’s about the critters, big and small, that creep and crawl and cross our fairways, greens and waterways. They can lacerate a limb, flatten a foursome and steal the show … and sometimes your golf ball.

I swear, you could have Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson — all of them coming back to life — join Jack Nicklaus on the par-3 17th tee at Sawgrass (the famous Island Hole), and of course the eyes of the world would be on them — until an alligator got on the green. Then Bobby, Ben, Byron and the Bear would become the backup band to a big, bad gator.

That’s how it is in the entertainment business. There’s a reason W.C. Fields said, “Never work with animals or children.” They’ll upstage you every time, especially on the golf course. The links lure wildlife, who lure us; one reason we play a round is we hope to see a deer, bear, elk or eagle.

Suckers for Animals on Courses

And if we don’t see one live, we’re suckers for just about any video containing critters on courses. Here’s one that was posted a couple of days ago, about an elk that attacked a pin at the Fairmont Banff Springs Golf Course in Banff, Alberta Canada. Watch it all the way to the end to catch the elk’s triumphant epilogue.

Then there’s the alarming video about an incident that happened a week ago at the Bonaventure Country Club in Weston, Florida. It involved a 51-year-old man who dives for golf balls for a living being attacked by an 8- to 9-foot alligator. Both man and gator lived and appeared in the video.

We’re so hungry for footage about animals on golf courses that we’ll even waste precious moments of life watching foot races between caddies and a bear — even though we know the bear’s not real.

Best Wildlife-Golf Video Ever

Videos about animals and golf are like potato chips; you can’t just do one. But if the rest of life calls and you are forced to limit yourself to one wildlife-golf video, make it this one. It’s funny and fascinating and comes with this understated title: “Top 10: Animal Encounters on the PGA TOUR”. Here’s what the summary says:

“Check out the 10 most memorable animal encounters on the PGA TOUR, featuring Sammy the Squirrel, an iguana in Puerto Rico and the seagull at THE PLAYERS.”

Can’t top that.

What wildlife have you seen on the golf course? Where was it?

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