Golf Joke: Hitting from the Women’s Tee

This golf joke video makes you laugh without making fun of women. No joke!

It’s always dangerous — and often a setup for failure — to lead off with a promise that a joke or video is funny. Having said that, I’m feeling frisky and risky today to I’ll say it: This video is flat-out funny.

The scene opens at a place called Twin Pines Country Club with a man about to hit from the women’s tee. This catches the eye of the crusty starter, who, armed with a megaphone, calls out the man and perhaps his manhood: “Will the gentleman on the ladies tee kindly back up to the men’s tee.”

“Video is flat-out funny.”

The golfer shakes his head, takes a practice swing and tries to ignore the starter. The starter megaphones the man again, and now other men on the course are turning and staring.

The golfer on the women’s tee fumes and gives the starter a dirty look. This escalates until ….

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