Ryder Cup’s Tunnel of Terror

Among all the vacuous videos hyping the 2014 Ryder Cup, this one stands out as unusually gripping. It covers the walk from the practice area at Gleneagles through a tunnel and then to the first tee. Imagine the noise as nearly 2,000 fans scream and cheer, and then imagine the pressure when you put that peg in the ground to prepare to hit your first shot. Mercy!

The driving range at Gleneagles is separated from the first tee by a road. Players moving to the first tee will not have to cross that road; they’ll be driven to a path that leads through a tunnel that goes under the road.

Imagine yourself walking through the tunnel, hearing the roar rising and seeing images of past Ryder Cup greats on the walls, stars such as Seve and Monty and Crenshaw and Azinger who used the Ryder Cup to elbow a special place for themselves in golf’s rich history.

”You’ll need 60 steps.”

As you emerge from the tunnel, on your left is a bank of red flowers representing the USA; on your right is a bank of blue flowers for the Euro team. The path goes up an incline to the first tee, and you’ll need 60 steps to cover the distance. You won’t be able to hear much as you try to put your tee in the ground and launch your 2014 Ryder Cup competition.

Check out this video tour of the wow walk to the first tee of the 2014 Ryder Cup.

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