$143,400 for One Sam Snead Trophy

Sam Snead won a record 82 PGA Tour events, which means he walked away from tournaments toting a lot of trophies. One of them, Snead’s Wanamaker Trophy from the 1942 PGA Championship, sold at an auction last week for an eye-popping $143,400. More of Snead’s hardware, as well as clubs used by Eisenhower and a bag used by Tiger Woods in high school, also sold for serious cash.

In 1968, Sam Snead finished second at the Greater Milwaukee and pocketed $28,000, which was the largest paycheck of a career that included a record 82 PGA Tour victories and seven major championships. He turned professional in 1934 and earned $726,700 on the PGA Tour and what was then called the Seniors Tour.

Wouldn’t you think that the trophies for winning were nice for Snead’s ego but secondary to the paycheck, especially after he’d won his first 40 tournaments or so? Actually, no, as it turned out. Because last week Snead’s Wanamaker Trophy from the 1942 PGA Championship sold at an auction for a whopping $143,400.

And that’s just one trophy. His 1952 Masters trophy went for $113,525, a 1939 Ryder Cup trophy for $31,070 and his gold medal for winning the 1946 British Open for $25,096.

See what these items sold for: a set of clubs used by former U.S. president Dwight D. Eisenhower in the 1950s and a golf bag used by Tiger Woods in high school.

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