Hit 331 Yards … From Your Knees

Frankly, for my money professional long ball hitters don’t have to do anything tricky. Just watching them crank the golf ball a country mile is awesome all by itself. But they get bored with blasting one 400-yard drive after another, so they make things challenging. Watch this video of Jamie Sadlowski’s 331-yard drive -- from his knees.

Go to a golf show or to tournaments, and often you’ll find professional long ball hitters putting on a show. You can’t miss their events; just look for the huge crowds. Sometimes they compete, and sometimes they put on funny shows. They could satisfy their fans with simply hitting 400-yard drives, but at the end of the day they are entertainers. For example, Jason Zuback (see photo above) performs such stunts as booming balls from his belly, which is balanced on a fitness ball.

And then there’s Jamie Sadlowski, who colorfully explodes watermelons with his drives (see photo above). And he had Golf Channel’s crew in stitches when he destroyed the studio simulator (see video).

Today, there’s news that Sadlowski hit a drive 331 yards. For a professional long ball hitter, that’s not really news — until you understand that he did that from his knees! See it done in this video.


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