Greatest Golf Trick Shot...Pull!

Trying to hold down the hyperbole here but not doing a very good job. Yes, there’s some luck with this shot, and who knows if there were several takes involved. Still, Brandt Snedeker’s jaw-dropping 4-iron shot combining golf and skeet shooting may be the greatest trick shot you’ll ever see.

Three things to think about with this wow video posted yesterday:

  1. Brandt Snedeker is looking about as frumpy-casual as I’ve ever seen a pro golfer in public. Refreshing, actually.
  2. This kind of shot is one of the benefits of an offseason, which is something to consider as we launch the 2015 season (ugh!). Pros have time to mess around and create a masterpiece
  3. Snedeker brags that hitting flying clay targets in skeet shooting is too easy for him, so he challenges himself to hit the flying target with a 4-iron and a golf ball. This may be the greatest trick shot you’ll ever see. Pull!

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