Ryder Cup Rah-Rah Meeting Turned Ugly

Phil Mickelson, who today was named along with Tiger Woods to a Ryder Cup task force, was criticized for throwing U.S. captain Tom Watson under the bus after the Yanks got beat badly again by the Euros at the 2014 Ryder Cup. But this was after Watson had ripped his players during a team-bonding session the evening before the final day of singles competition, according to a new report.

Isn’t it interesting that Phil Mickelson, who was blasted for throwing U.S. captain Tom Watson under the bus after the Yanks loss last month at the 2014 Ryder Cup, was named today — along with Tiger Woods — to the 11-member Ryder Cup task force charged with righting the wayward course of U.S. ship? Hats off to the PGA of America for being big enough to take some heat and yet still include the man who generated most of the heat regarding the way the U.S. plans for the Ryder Cup.

After all, it did not look good at a press conference shortly after competition ended at the 2014 Ryder Cup when Mickelson, in so many words, blamed U.S. captain Tom Watson for bypassing the players on key decisions and for straying from the formula successfully used in the 2008 Ryder Cup by then-captain Paul Azinger.

"Watson took no responsibility for any shortcomings.”

But according to a new report, that was a remarkably restrained critique by Mickelson considering the intended-to-inspire rant by Watson the night before during a team-bonding session in advent of the singles play the next day. The report cited four sources who witnessed what happened, saying that "Watson took no responsibility for any shortcomings, scoffed at a gift that the U.S. team members gave him, ridiculed several European team players and started the proceedings by denigrating the Americans' play that afternoon."

Read more about this report, including how Mickelson responded to Watson that night.

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