Michael Jordan Schools Bradley

Respect your elders, Keegan Bradley. You beat Michael Jordan on the golf course, but then thumped your chest about it yesterday on Twitter? C’mon, man! What goes round comes round, and what came round was a Jordan roundhouse reply that KOed the kid.

I suppose it’s a compliment from Keegan Bradley to Michael Jordan that yesterday he playfully tweeted that he whupped Jordan on the golf course. Really, Keegan? You’re in your prime and were playing your sport, while Jordan is past prime and not playing his money sport. Jordan has a good game, but he’s not going to beat a pro. Still, he has pondered what would have happened had he played golf before he played basketball. Check this video.

Perhaps in this LeBron era people like Bradley have forgotten how supremely competitive Jordan was on the basketball court, and how regally he moved not only in sports circles but also in fashion, business and entertainment circles as well. He was His Airness, indeed. Check this video.

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So Jordan’s reply to Bradley’s taunting tweet is a reminder to Bradley to respect his elders and to remember the lesson from Proverbs: “Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” See Jordan’s foot-on-throat reply to Bradley.

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