Tips From Long Drive Champs

When we watch the big boomers such as the competitors in last night’s Re/Max World Long Drive Championship in Las Vegas, we are watching freaks of nature hit jaw-dropping shots. But what can we learn from their technique that will help us go long? Check out these videos.

Last night, former minor league baseball player Jeff Flagg won the 2014 Re/Max World Long Drive Championship in Las Vegas — by 13 inches, which was the shortest margin of victory in event history. Battling a wind and a chilly night air, Flagg pounded a 365-yard drive that rolled just past Jeff Crittenden’s shot. Flagg took away the $250,000 championship prize.

When watching the long-ballers, the question always is: “How do they do that?” They are typically superbly trained, tall for extra leverage, super flexible and keen on technique that allows them to make contact on the sweet spot of the clubface. This technique starts with the feet and hips, as explained in this video.

Even though this is a swing-out-of-your-shoes event, you can learn from this video analysis of Flagg’s swing. He’s very much in control with a stable base and good balance that helps him put the center of the clubface on the ball.

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