Trevino to Tiger: No Guru

Last week, Lee Trevino let loose a lot of advice for Tiger Woods on how Woods should make his comeback. It was Trevino at his best.

Lee Trevino has to be the best quote in golf -- still. He’s the guy who can take over any room and hold court with a motor mouth that never seems to exhaust listeners as he generates a Merry Mex mix of humor and much-needed elder speak.

Trevino motor was revved last week speaking before the Western Golf Association’s Green Coat Gala. Trevino’s presentation included advice for Tiger Woods.

Keep in mind, everybody’s got advice for Woods, including Gary Player. (Last year, Player encouraged Rory McIlroy to “find the right wife.”) Woods has not asked for advice, but that didn’t discourage Trevino from letting it rip. His advice can be divided into three parts headlined by these quotes:

  1. “But he’s only going to come back if he doesn’t get another guru.”
  2. “I don’t even know if I’d mess with his swing. I think I would just try to – he’s forgotten who he is. He is the best. He’s Tiger Woods. You understand?”
  3. “He’s a champion. He can’t wait to get back out there and run over some people. Do you understand what I’m telling you? Because they’ve written him off. Nothing that we love better when we got hurt, had to have an operation, and then everybody in the locker room behind you are saying, ‘He’s finished, he can’t play anymore.’ ‘No, I don’t even know what he’s doing out here.’ Man, you’re just pounding those balls and you can’t wait to get the hell out there and beat them.”

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